Connecting you safely

Health and safety is our priority, and we understand that the risk of transmission of the CoVid-19 virus must be given special attention.

After careful consideration, Hey!Broadband’s executive team have put some measures in place to ensure that customers can continue having access to the essential service of fast internet connection while minimising the risk for both our customers and our employees. Not only do these measures follow government guidelines, but they have also been reinforced to ensure the safety of our customers and employees. These measures are based on the following:


Providing essential services

A good internet connection is a basic necessity for many people who work from home or for anyone who needs to stay connected to basic services. That is why our engineers will only work on connection services, where 1) they will connect new customers to our network or 2) they will carry out repairs in the unlikely case that customers experience drop down failures that are keeping them from connecting to the internet.  Due to all of the extra measures being taken, waiting times may be longer than usual.


Minimising risks

All of our engineers are being monitored to ensure that they have no symptoms and we are happy to report that no positive cases have been detected. Additionally, we have asked those at risk or whose family members are unwell to self-isolate.

We are requiring our remaining installation engineers to wear a mask and gloves at all times, as well as using disinfecting wipes to clean all of the devices touched by them before leaving the customer’s house. They have also been asked not share pens with our customers and not to ask them to touch the tablet screen unless previously disinfected. The distance of 1m between the engineer and the customer also needs to be kept at all times.  In addition to this, some of our distribution points have been temporarily closed for deep cleaning.

Being honest and transparent

Being honest, transparent and taking the customer’s side are core values of our business. That is why we will keep you updated at all times.  For the sake of our team of engineers, and since they will keep working to keep you all connected, we would like to ask you to inform us in the case you or a member of your family have any symptoms. In that case, we would need to postpone our installation/technical service until there is less risk.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions or concerns ( or on the phone (+44 0808 168 1616). We will continue to be here to help and support you

The Team at Hey!Broadband

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