Home phone service

In addition to its broadband services,  Hey!Broadband provides a home phone service, where the customer is either given a local number or given the option to port their previous number. This service includes a package of calls to UK standard mobiles and landlines, which allows the customer to make and receive calls from this number.

Packages & Prices

Anytime UK Anytime calls to UK starndard mobile & landline numbers £9.50/month

(VAT included)

Line rental Monthly use of the line Free
Voicemail Option to activate a voicemail when the call is not taken Free
International calls Option to call a list of foreign countries See Call Charges
“Other numbers” tariff Option to call other private numbers See Call Charges
Set-up New local number Setting up the telephone service with a new local number assigned to it £10 (one-off)
Set-up + porting existing number Setting up the telephone service an porting an existing number £15 (one-off)

Anytime UK Mobile & Landline

Calls included: The Anytime UK Mobile and landline bundle includes the first 90 minutes of calls to UK landline numbers* beginning with 01,02 & 03 as well as UK mobile numbers (starting with 07) which are dialled directly from the customer’s phone. These calls can be made anytime, including evenings, daytime and weekends.

UK mobiles starting with 07 are included in the bundle, whilst other numbers starting with 07- such as personal numbers and Wi-Fi services- are not included.

Please note that, in order to avoid additional call charges to UK mobiles and landline numbers, it is necessary to redial after 90 minutes have passed. Standard call charges will apply after the first 90 minutes.

*Except for calls to redirect services (call diversion will be charged at the standard local rate), Wi Fi services (fw charge codes), calls to the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

International call charges can be found here.

All chargeable calls rates are calculated in pence per minute (ppm) and charging is rounded up to the nearest minute.

Fair usage policy

Call centres, automated dialer traffic, or other methods of automated dialling are not permitted on this bundle.

The Fair Usage Policy is applied so that Users who carry out normal inbound/outbound calling activity, based upon our average statistical analysis, will not be charged for any UK National (01,02,03) or UK Mainland minutes.
Hey!Broadband reserves the right to cancel the service if fair usage policy is not followed.

Limit on Call Charges of Chargeable Calls

If you’re purchasing our add-on telephone service as part of your Service, there will be a limit of £40 on the call charges you can incur in each monthly payment period. This amount is only referred to the chargeable calls, which are detailed here.
Once you reach your limit in any monthly payment period we’ll restrict the telephone service so that only non-chargeable calls can be made for the remainder of the month. You may contact us to see if you’re able to make a one-off payment in order to reinstate the full telephone service.

Porting an existing number

Hey!Broadband can attempt to transfer an existing phone number from another operator upon customer request. This service, however, is subject to availability and will not always be possible. The price per attempt is £15.