Unlock the power of full fibre broadband

Next generation broadband. Unlimited full fibre broadband. Always fast. Always reliable.

Fibre straight to your home and premises

A full fibre network goes all the way to your home (FTTH) and premise (FTTP), ensuring the fastest and most reliable internet provision available. No more “fibre to the Building” or “fibre to the cabinet” which utilise existing dated and unreliable copper cabling.


Reliable gigabit connection

Connecting full fibre direct to the premises, providing complete reliability. No drop outs, no buffering.


20x faster

Always fast, even at peak times. Connection speeds up to 20x faster than traditional broadband (average UK broadband download speed is 50Mbps - Ofcom, 2021).


Efficient service

Save time and energy with faster download and upload speeds. Cut costs, increase work productivity and have more time for fun!

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  • Not sure? Switch to us with no commitment

    By enrolling in our 30-day rolling contract, you have the opportunity to test our service and witness the capabilities of our full fibre network. Should you find yourself dissatisfied within the initial 30 days, you have the freedom to terminate without incurring any exit fees and no hard feelings. Please note that a 30-day notice is required.