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Choosing the Right Full Fibre Broadband Provider


Home Fibre Broadband
Reading time 5 mins

Our lives have become increasingly dependent on seamless internet connectivity. Whether it’s an uninterrupted video call with a loved one, uploading/ ...


Full Fibre Broadband: Our Simple Installation Guide


Home Fibre Broadband
Reading time 4 mins

Full fibre broadband, also known as gigabit broadband, is the best for delivering the next generation of internet connectivity to your home. Fibre bro...


As Broadband Prices Increase Across the Board, Is it Time to Switch Provider?


Switch Broadband Provider
Gigabit Broadband
Reading time 5 mins

As you might be aware, most broadband providers hike their prices every April. It’s likely that will have already received an email about it recently,...


How to Connect your Smart Devices to WiFi


Home Fibre Broadband
Reading time 5 mins

Nowadays, it’s increasingly common to encounter ‘smart’ homes as we have doorbells that alert us even before the bell has been rung, heating that come...


How to Split WiFi Frequencies (5Ghz and 2.4Ghz) to Get the Most from Your Router


Home Fibre Broadband
Reading time 3 mins

If you’re looking to get the most from your Hey!Broadband full fibre broadband, you might be looking to split your WiFi frequencies to better manage y...


How to Stay Safe Online: What Are the Best Practices?


Home Fibre Broadband
Reading time 6 mins

Today, almost everything and everyone is connected to the internet, which means ensuring your that your online presence is safe and secure is more imp...