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Future proofing your home: What internet speed does a household need?


Home Fibre Broadband
Reading time 6 mins

Full fibre connections typically offer speeds 20x faster than traditional connections - but how fast does your internet speed really need to be? Like ...

traditional corded phone handset

What is VoIP and How is it Different to a Landline Phone?


Home Fibre Broadband
Gigabit Broadband
Reading time 4 mins

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to make voice and video calls using broadband connection, instead of copper cable technology which is h...

fibre optic cables

What Exactly is Full Fibre Broadband?


Home Fibre Broadband
Reading time 4 mins

In today's hyperconnected world, with all the streaming, gaming, and video calling we do, having super-fast and dependable broadband is a must. You ma...

woman working from home on laptop

10 Tips to Improve your Internet Speed At Home


Home Fibre Broadband
Reading time 5 mins

Struggling with slow downloads, interrupted streaming or disconnecting from video calls? We’ve all been there. Luckily for you, Hey!Broadband has comp...

nightscape with vehicle light trails

What is business broadband?


Business Broadband
Reading time 4 mins

Nowadays, our office work often involves demanding processes like cloud-based apps, regular video conferencing and large file transfers. In order to m...

woman at desk working from home

What are the Best Broadband Options for Working From Home?


Working from Home
Reading time 5 mins

Hybrid working: it’s a phrase none of us had even heard of until just a few years ago. Now, though, working from home has become part and parcel of ou...