Smart WiFi. Full coverage.

Full WiFi coverage in every corner of your home. Enjoy an easy broadband connection in every room, for every device.

No more WiFi black spots with Superpods

You can have comprehensive WiFi coverage everywhere in your home with no WiFi black spots. This smart system will adjust itself to provide a reliable, uninterrupted coverage everywhere in your home.

From the big main rooms through to the small hidden comfy corners - using a smart app on your phone, it is easy to set up.

  • Adapt™

    Adapt creates flawless connectivity across device types, rooms, and complex environments using advanced machine learning for the best connection every day.

  • Control™

    Control provides you with the ability to personalise and manage access to your network: Parental control tools to set healthy boundaries for access and usage, guest manager for access permissions and passwords, and content manager to filter and block unwanted websites and ads for parents and more.

  • Guard™

    Guard keeps connected homes safe using advanced security features that get smarter over time. Offering online protection from malicious content, a real-time threat database, IoT anomaly detection plus device quarantine, and intrusion detection and outside threat blocking.

  • Sense™

    Sense provides for total home awareness, creating peace of mind for users. WiFi motion detection turns user owned devices into sensors to detect expected and unexpected movement and provide peace of mind in areas cameras can’t go. Users can also see movement patterns over time within the smart app powered by Plume HomePass®.

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    Full WiFi coverage

    This smart system will adjust itself to provide a reliable, uninterrupted coverage everywhere in your home.

  • Smart-house

    Smart App

    The installed app detects the property’s WiFi black spots. Use it to find the optimal locations in your home and just plug in the two superpods.

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    Threat protection

    Advanced AI security keeps your entire home network and devices protected from hackers and cyberattacks.

  • parental control

    Parental control

    The app allows for monitoring usage per device.

    It can limit the hours of usage and has a contents definition filter

  • device-notification

    Home Awareness

    The connected devices can turn into motion sensors, which can trigger alarms on your mobile.

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    Intelligent WiFi

    Easy to manage and create new passwords. Gives access to your guests from your phone

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  • Smart WiFi add on

    Enjoy full internet connection in every room, for every device for £7/month when you sign up on a 24 month contract.

    A £10/month with £40 upfront charge applies for a 12-month minimum contract.

    Extra pods may be purchased if required.

    VAT included.