Phone calling made easy using VoIP

A smart phone system that makes calling affordable, clear and simple to use. Say Bye! to traditional landline calling and Hey! to future proof VoIP calling.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet calls, which essentially replaces the need for a traditional landline and provides users with the ability to make calls from a local number, using your full fibre broadband.
It’s simple, all you need to do is plug a handset into your Hey!Broadband router and start calling your friends and family.

  • affordable


    Hey!Broadband's VoIP home phone is only £9.50 per a month, and includes calls to all local UK landline numbers.

  • international_calls

    Keep your local number

    With Hey!Broadband's VoIP you can either keep your current local number of get a new local number. Please select which you prefer when you sign up.

  • voicemail

    Never miss a call

    Ensure that you never miss an important call again with VoIP. Features such as call forwarding means that if your phone is not answered the call can automatically be transferred to another number.

  • f_proof_2

    Future proof calling

    VoIP uses our full fibre technology and is significantly more cost effective then traditional landline channels, making it future proof.

  • installation

    Easy installation

    Installing VoIP in your home could not be simpler as we do all of the hard work for you. Once your service has been activated all you need to do is connect your phone handset and headset to the router.

  • voicemail

    First class audio

    VoIP will leverage the power of your homes full fibre broadband, meaning calls are stable and clear, ensuring that you can have seamless phone calls.

Use your existing local number or get new number

VoIP gives you the choice of using your current local number or having your very own new local number.

Please note that the one off fee for a new number is £10. If you'd like to port your existing number, the fee will be £15 per attempt.* *subject to availability

If you decide to port your existing number to our service, please do not cancel your phone service with your current provider until we confirm a port date as you may risk losing your number.

Choose the right full fibre broadband and phone plan for you

Whether you stream, download, work, play, or chat to family and friends, we have a package suited to you.

Free installation
For average internet usage, streaming and browsing online on a few devices
  • 100Mbps download/50Mbps upload*
  • Free installation and router
  • No price increase during the length of your contract
Free installation
For moderate internet usage, streaming HD and browsing online on multiple devices
  • 400Mbps download/200Mbps upload*
  • Free installation and router
  • No price increase during the length of your contract
Free installation
Most popular!
For bigger households using multiple devices, 4K streaming and pro gaming
  • 900Mbps symmetrical download/upload*
  • Free installation and router
  • No price increase during the length of your contract
*Average speed connected via cable not via WiFi