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Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm
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About the installation

1. How come my neighbour can get connected but I can’t?

Our deployment team do their best to include as many premises as they can in our coverage area. However, there are times when unexpected technical issues stop us from covering some areas or premises.

2. How will Hey!Broadband be installed?

Our engineers will connect the fibre from either the telephone pole overhead or trench underground to your home. It should take about one to two hours until your ultra-fast connection is up and running.

If our engineers find that they cannot complete the installation due to a technical issue, we may need to arrange for specialists or extra equipment. These cases will be considered bespoke installations so and any costs will need to be signed and agreed with you before we undertake work on your property.

3. Can you send an engineer to my house to do a survey?

If you would prefer to have a survey before the installation, charges will apply. Please see our price guide.

4. I’d like the router to go in a specific location in my house. Will there be any costs for this?

Our installers will determine the best location for your router. If you would like the router to be in a different location which requires more than one hour of work at your premises, our installer will inform you of the bespoke installation charges that apply.

5. Can you please explain my bill?

About the speed

How can you offer such high speeds that my current provider can’t?

We run on our own full-fibre network. Our network uses fibre optic technology, which allows signals to pass at light speed, from the town phone exchange straight to your home.

Other companies piggyback off of the existing copper infrastructure originally meant for landlines, and whilst some may use fibre for part of the connection, the copper inevitably slows down their connection speeds.

This is why we can offer you Gigabit speeds; the fastest speeds available on the market.

How fast is my internet going to be?

If you choose our Megafast 250Mbps Deal, you can download at a speed of 250 Megabits per second and upload at 50 Megabits per second through an ethernet cable connection. It will allow you to:
– Download an entire HD film in less than 4 minutes.
– View 4K TV in its full, optimised picture quality.
– Use multiple devices at the same time. One family member can play online games, another can watch HD TV, and two other members can watch two different HD films at the same time, without interruptions or decrease in image or sound quality.

If you choose our Gigafast 1000Mbps Deal, our Gigafast speed is 1000 megabits per second symmetrical upload and download speed through an ethernet cable connection. In addition to what you can do with the Megafast connection above, it will allow you to:
– Download an entire HD film in less than a minute.
– Upload 1-hour Twitter* or YouTube* videos in HD in only 15 minutes if you create streaming content in your home (Uploading content over a 20 Mbps connection could take up to 12 hours) Check out our deals here.

What factors will keep me from getting the full speed?

Our installers will conduct a speed test to ensure you are getting the full speeds before leaving your home. You may find that your devices do not show the same readings, and this could be due to the capability of your device or cable.

Will I get Gigabit speeds on my devices connected through Wifi?

Wifi speeds will always be slower than the full speeds coming into the router. Several factors contribute to slower-than-expected speeds, such as the layout of your home, the capability of your device, other programmes that are running on your device, or the distance of your devices from the router. We always recommend that you connect by ethernet cable in order to achieve the full speed.

When should I cancel my broadband with my current provider?

Installation is subject to certain technical conditions and there is a possibility that we may not be able connect you during the visit. Bearing this in mind, we recommend that you do not cancel your existing broadband until your connection with us is up and running.

Can you cancel my contract with my current provider for me?

Please contact your provider to let them know you are cancelling their service.

About the equipment

Which router model do you provide?

ADTRAN 814-v6 Home Gateway Unit. Wi-Fi 6 GPON HGU

Can I get a static IP?

Yes, we offer static IP as an add-on for £5/month.

Can I use my own router?

Our router must be connected to our network. However, if you prefer to use your own router, we can configure our router to act as a bridge. We offer this service free of charge, but please be advised that we do not offer support for equipment that is not ours.
In order to request bridge mode, please email us at and allow 2 to 3 working days for this to be completed.

About the phone

Do you offer a phone service? Is that the same as a landline?

We offer a phone service as an optional add-on. It is different from a traditional landline because our phone service runs on VOIP (Voice over IP) technology and so we do not charge a landline fee. Once your phone service is activated, all you need to do is plug your handset into your Hey!Broadband router.

I want to port my number. What do I do now?

Once you have requested to port your existing phone line, you will receive an email requesting details about your most recent phone bill. We will send the porting request to your current provider once your broadband service with us is up and running. The porting date will be two to three weeks from the date the request is submitted. Please do not cancel your current phone service until you receive confirmation from us that the porting has been completed.

What kind of handset do I need?

Any handset that uses RJ11 cable or ethernet cable can be plugged into the router. An RJ11 cable will be provided upon installation.

How do I contact Customer Service or Tech Support?

If you were not able to find the answer you were looking for in these FAQs, please contact us by e-mail on, and for any technical support queries, please email
Our free of charge customer service line 0808 168 1616 is open from 8AM-6PM, Monday through to Friday, and 10AM-6PM on Saturdays. Please check for holiday hours by calling our service line.

Is this number: +44 161 394 1134 part of Hey!Broadband?

If you receive a call from +44 161 394 1134 please be aware that this is our external telesales partner.

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